Monday, 10 March 2014

Recent Purchases: Spring clothing. Next, Laura Ashley, Hollister and Fat Face.

Hi guys!
I wanted to share with you a few little things I bought on a  recent shopping day in Cardiff. The shops I got all of these from aren't really where I would usually veer towards, however I'm really happy with my purchases and it's a nice little compilation of cute and pretty items!
First I went into Next and I'd been looking at these loafers for a while. As you know I'm very into my neutrals and light grey is just my colour. The fact that they're suede are a massive YES for me, I just love suede as I think it looks so chic and soft. They're super easy to wear and are comfortable, and go with any outfit. These are the kind of shoes I could wear on a night out too, which is great as I'm tall and never wear heels. They were £28 and I love them so much.
Then, I had a little mooch (what do you think of that word?! Haha, it's such a silly sounding word!!) around Laura Ashley as my Mum wanted to have a look around, and me being me spotted these AMAZING socks. I know, I know, get some perspective Mari.. they are socks. You do not need to get them. However, I decided to just buy them as I know I'd kick myself if I hadn't. They're just so pretty and totally my style, I just need to find a way of making them visible in the Summer! What do you guys think of them? I also had a peep at the jewellery they have, which by the way, is beautiful. If you want really expensive and amazing looking jewellery for a good price then definitely consider Laura Ashley! I got these wicked little studs with little jewels dotted on the sphere type design. They look so amazing in the light and look super quality.
We went into Hollister too, and I spotted this really cute dress which wasn't branded or in your face at all. It was body con and navy with some kind of pink and white aztec and heart print which would look so great worn loads of different ways, with a top over it so it looked like a skirt or just as a dress in the day when it's hot in the UK (ha yeah maybe not) and I decided not to buy it as it was a little too expensive but I can't find it anywhere online! I'm going to have to do a good search for it I think!
Finally, I had a look in Fat Face and saw this amazing scarf which is obviously quite thin as you can see in the picture. It's the perfect scarf for Summer and the Navy and grey work with any outfit, and the hearts have a little felt on them too so it's even more amazing, I just love it so much. They also do student discount so I got 10% off, I know this isn't one of the most exciting collection of purchases but they are cute and nice little things to get before Summer!

Hope you liked it guys, let me know what you think of this post! xx


  1. love this post!

  2. I love the shoes! :D What camera do you use? You manage to take such beautiful photographs of every day objects Xx

    1. They're really comfortable and simple! Aw that means a lot I use the Canon 550d, it's very expensive though so I'd definitely buy a cheaper version to begin with! I can do a post on tips for photography too if you'd like because it's not all about the camera! xx

    2. I need some simple pumps to wear, can never find a pair I like! I'm slowly saving up, I'm alright with a camera but mine is bog standard Olympus VG-120 - I love it and it was all I could afford when I replaced my old one. I've taken some beautiful photos with it but it relies on the light being very good! I was looking at the Canon EOS 600 - and yeah that would be great :) xx (sorry for babbling!)

  3. *well that is the camera I would love lol